Kalamazoo in Our Heart (By Shun Fujishima)

Welcome to Japan, VIP’s from W.M.U.
It is our pleasure to meet with you
We hope that you have made lots of memories of fun
In the Land of the Rising Sun

When we get together once a year or two
We talk about Kalamazoo
It’s known for paper, food, medicine and education
Students from many nations

(Here, “paper” refers to the paper industry, “food”: Kellogg, “medicine”: Upjohn.
Obviously, “education” is W.M.U.)

Mr. Satopdf

Though the times were different when each of us was there
We have a lot that we share
Memories we cherish of the city of the Mall
Are live and vivid for us all

Since 1968, they have lived in Kazoo
They are “parents” for us, too
Our thanks for their guidance will never be over
Dr. and Mrs. Soga
Dr. and Mrs. Soga

Mr. Satopdf